Billy & The Bop Cats

The addition of Denver guitarist Billy Lee Michaels led to a name change from Willie & The String Poppers to Billy & The Bop Cats. The lineup for the first Billy & The Bop Cats 45 on Rock-A-Billy Records was Willie Lewis, Billy Lee Michaels, Donnie Montoya, Eddie Valdez, & Little Joey Sanchez.

R-105: Rock ‘n Roll Fever / Working Man’s Blues

Listen to:
R-105: Rock ‘n Roll Fever:


The next Billy & The Bop Cats record featured members of the Denver band, The Jinns. The lineup was Willie Lewis, Todd Wulfmeyer, Pete Nalty, Brian Nalty, Tim Kaesemacher & Eddie Valdez.

R-106: Mary Lou Rock / I’m Out

R-106: Mary Lou Rock:

A very popular record in Denver. Copies were worn out in the jukebox at Pete’s Kitchen on Colfax.

The third Billy & The Bop Cats 45 was a split. The A-side was Billy & The Bop Cats, Willie Lewis with Derek & David Peterson of Denver’s Kidd Pharoah. The B-side was by Willie, Kevin & Todd (Willie Lewis, Kevin Smith and Todd Wulfmeyer)

R-112: Charlene / Be My Baby (b-side by Willie, Kevin & Todd)

Willie, Kevin & Todd:
R-112: Be My Baby:


First compilation CD on Goofin’ Records:

GRCD 6036: Rock-A-Billy Record Co. Sampler:

Mary Lou Rock

2nd compilation CD on Goofin’:

GRCD 6064: The Complete Rock-A-Billy Sessions:

Rock’n’roll Fever / Working Man’s Blues / Mary Lou Rock / I’m Out / The Sore Finger Blues

Billy Lee Michaels has released other 45s, one of them is this Denver Bronco’s tribute 45
under the name Tony Mandarin & The Mile High Rockers on Bronco blue and orange vinyl
on Denver’s Stofer Records.

Tony Mandarin & The Mile High Rockers – Bronco Rock
Tony Mandarin & The Mile High Rockers – Mile High Rock

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