Jimmy Lee Rollin

Although he now lives in Florida, Jimmy Lee Rollin is another great historical Denver rockabilly singer. He has a great voice is a gifted rockabilly songwriter. Aside from early R&B recordings as The Dell Rays recorded at Denver’s Band Box recording studio (and pressed in Cheyenne on the same presses as Band Box!), rockabilly recordings as Rock Island (not sure if this is the label or band name) and Jimmy Lee Rollin & The Rocks, Jimmy Lee teamed with Willie Lewis and Mike Biard in The Bop-A-Whiles. Rock-A-Billy Records just released it’s first Jimmy Lee Rollins 45. Jimmy Lee Rollins is also known as Jim Holdridge.

Denver band Jimmy Lee & The Hepcats at Heritage Square in Golden

Jimmy Lee Rollin‘s latest release on Rock-A-Billy Records:

R-124 Jimmy Lee Rollin:
Kiss Me Baby / Still In Love With You

This song hasn’t hit YouTube yet. If someone doesn’t show post it soon, we will post it.

Jimmy Lee Rollin trades vocals & with Willie Lewis and writes a majority of the songs on this Bop-A-Whiles LP on France’s Hog Maw Records:

Hog Maw-904: Don’t Shoot Me Baby LP

This is a one of the best Denver rockabilly LPs.

Hog Maw Records also issued this Bop-A-Whiles 45:

Hog Maw-104: Rockin’ Chair Daddy / Long Gone Mama


Some early 45s associated with Jimmy Lee Rollin:

Dell-Rays: Darling I Pray / Pauline

Rock Island: Kiss Me Baby / Say Hey

Rare CD by Jimmy Lee Rollin & The Rocks (more info to be provided later)

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Laurent ZUCCARO (France) June 6th, 2014 at 2:58 am

Hi everybody, this quick message to let you know I’m looking for a copy of the Jimmy Lee Rollin’ CD “Kiss me Baby”. Saw it a few years ago on Cdbaby but missed it. Many thanks in advance, Laurent

Tom October 10th, 2014 at 3:24 pm

This was a very limited press (I haven’t even listed them on the site yet), though I will ask Lewis himself if he has anymore. I have one copy for myself.

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