Fun times with Rock-A-Billy Records and friends

Ronnie Dawson, Go Cat Go and High Noon

Sean Melcher, Ronnie Dawson and Kevin Smith

Go Cat Go clowning around. Darren Lee Spears (left), wrote the song Rockabilly Willie.

Go Cat Go rooftop concert

Willie Lewis and The Jinns

Party at Todd Wulfmeyer‘s house

Willie Lewis and Pete Nalty of The Jinns

Willie Lewis and Todd Wulfmeyer of The Jinns, guitarist on Mary Lou Rock and Be My Baby 45s

Tim Kaesemacher (of The Jinns) and Willie Lewis

Party at Kidd Pharoah‘s place

Chaz, Paul & Derek

Kidd Pharoah live

Willie Lewis and High Noon

Todd Wulfmeyer and Kevin Smith. Kevin Smith went on to play with Willie Nelson and Dwight Yoakam.

Carl Sonny Leyland jamming on guitar with Nuno Alexandre, Mike Taviera watching. Today Nuno plays for famed Swiss Boogie Woogie Ambassador Silvan Zingg.

Carl & Pedro.

Pedro Serra of The Tennessee Boys in his apartment just off of W. Colfax.

Willie, Mary Louise & Billy Poore

High Noon at Lewis‘ house

High Noon on stage

Sun Records artist Jack Earls with The Frantic Flattops

Jack Earls and guitarist Warren Gregory

Great shot! Big Sandy and the Fly Rite Boys doing shots with High Noon.

High Noon and parents

Lois, Louis, Lewis and Tom

Roadhouse Rocker Tony (wrote Rockin’ Boogie Baby) & Michelle with Lois & Tom

High Noon with Pete Nalty of The Jinns (wrote High Noon‘s Too Much Trouble)

Willie Lewis with High Noon

Ronnie Dawson and Todd Wulfmeyer

Ray Campi

Ronnie Dawson, Ray Campi, someone with Micki Rae‘s dad and Willie Lewis in California

Rosie Flores

Ed DeBord, Mike Baird, Willie Lewis and Mike Taviera of The Spuddnicks

Mike Baird (played on more Rock-A-Billy Record Co. recordings that anyone except Willie Lewis himself), Ed DeBord (Elmer Spuddnick, played lead on Sammy Bop, played lead and wrote/sang Let’s Drink), Sven Bergman (of The Stablemen, wrote the book on Willie Lewis), Willie Lewis and Little Roy (Denver blues singer)

Skinny Jim and Char

Woodie & The Spuddnicks

Guest from Finland, Deena and Willie Lewis
(If you know the name of the Finnish guest, please comment!)

Spuddnicks and friends after Best of Westword show at The Oxford hotel, resting up in The Cruise Room

Denver’s Hillbilly Hellcats. These great guys lent their instruments to the Tennessee Boys when they came to Denver from Portugal!

Sleepy LaBeef

Sven Bergman and Lewis’ granddaughter Charlene

Sven and Lewis, The Brenver Brothers

Willie Lewis and Woodie

Bad ass old photo of Willie Lewis, Mary Louise and relatives at Herb’s Hideout on Larimer.

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