New album! Pulling Time!

Well, here we are in 2014 and there is a brand new album on CD from Willie Lewis. This album spans Willie’s complete history, as it goes all the way back to Globeville, Colorado era bands like his first, The Four Unknowns, Willie & The String Poppers, Rocky Ford & The Springs Mountain Boys and Billy & The Bop Cats. All choice cuts, all unreleased versions! And it features the first release of any of his Elrod Tyler recordings and the album even includes Willie & The Rhythm Razors and Willie & The Red Line Rockets, recent recordings made in 2013!

Lewis dug out and sifted through his original master tapes to get the best sound possible. It truly is an outstanding album! Here is the promo video on youtube:

The album is available locally at Wax Trax Records in Denver. It is also easy to find on Ebay and is even available for download from iTunes, Amazon or wherever you prefer to download albums from. Just look and you will find it. If you buy only one release from Willie Lewis, I would say this might be the one to have!

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